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Please be advised that all unsealed roads within the Bland Shire Council area are closed to vehicles over three (3) tonne until 10.00am Friday 26 August 2016, when the situation will be reviewed.  School buses, Emergency Services and Council road repair plant are exempt, subject to normal risk assessment by individual operators.

Concessions are possible, on request, for urgent transport activity on routes considered suitable to carry the proposed loading. Please contact Council’s Assets and Engineering Services Department for further information on the requirements of a concession.

Local traffic under three (3) tonne are requested to carry out their own risk assessment prior to travel and extreme caution should be taken at all times when travelling on any open roads within the Shire.

Council regrets any inconvenience caused by this decision but the preservation of our road asset is of prime concern and it should be noted that users who fail to comply with this notice will be asked to show just cause why Council should not seek compensation and/or impose fines for any damage caused to the road infrastructure.

Further information can be provided by phoning Council’s Assets and Engineering Services Department on (02) 69722266. For updates after hours or on weekends, please phone 0418 402350, or visit